Having to load up different sites several times a day just for what's new? Tracefrog keeps you up to date with What's New on the any web easily. Save your time, automate daily routine, boost your productivity! How to track Few clicks, any page, only what you want. Cool features Block selection, Visual report, Track dynamic pages, etc. 不断翻找相同的网页 追蛙让你用最简易的方式取得任何网页的更新 节省您的时间,精力,提升您的资讯力和效率 如何追 几个点击,不限网页,只挑选我要的内容 酷在哪 区域选择,视觉化报表,动态网页追踪等 不斷翻找相同的網頁 追蛙讓你用最簡易的方式取得任何網頁的更新 節省您的時間,精力,提升您的資訊力和效率 如何追 幾個點擊,不限網頁,只挑選我要的內容 酷在哪 區域選擇,視覺化報表,動態網頁追蹤等
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Our first public version is on release, through this, you can easily to get the update of any pages, intuitive and efficient. By our tools you just need to browse the internet,choise the content, what you want would present immediately.
Windows XP/Vista/7, IE 7.0 & Firefox 3.0 over and above.

  • In system on-line test
  • Patent of U.S., China, Taiwan.
  • We are one of good manufacturers evaluated by goverment
  • No spider, no virus, welcome for your advice
  • Innovative and efficient motion detection algorithm
  • Part of code open and will feedback to the open source code group